what the hell is this thing?

The Leonard Cohen Name Generator, or Cohenator to give it is proper name, was the brainchild of Elizabeth the Evil Genius, a longtime LC fan. Implemented with the help of The Fair Fiona (vocabulary) and Adam Gundry and Bing O'Tree (code), it originally lived at Thoughtcat, but now has a home all of its own.

The generator works by taking random Leonard Cohen lyrics and turning them into funny names. That's about it really but the creators would like to make it clear that Leonard himself, or Plain Brown Turtle Sailor as he's more commonly known here, has nothing whatsoever to do with this.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Leonard Cohen Name Generator has moved

I've finally got round to giving the Cohenator its own site, as part of the Big Thoughtcat "Frontpage-to-Wordpress" Migration Project. I've chosen Blogger because it's hellishly easy to do JavaScript here, whereas Wordpress, beautiful as it is, requires money before you can muck about with things like code and CSS. No doubt I'll stump up one day, but for now (and possibly forever) the Leonard Cohen Name Generator, which makes up silly names based on LC lyrics, can be found at http://cohenator.blogspot.com/

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